Reverse Osmosis Plants (0.05-10 M3/hr)

SEION Reverse Osmosis System provides an economical way to obtain pure water from brackish water. These are highly reliable, field proven and cost effective. Designed with flexibility, the series utilize state-of-art spiral wound reverse osmosis membranes. These systems can remove 90 – 98 % of the total dissolved solids.

Features :

  • Product flow rate 0.05 – 10 M3/hr.
  • Salt rejection ranges from 90 to 98% depending upon feed water composition.
  • Product recovery ranges from 15 to 30% based on feed water composition.
  • Concentrate discharge directed to drain.


  • Modular design – capacity can be increased to suit requirements.
  • Fully assembled skid mounted, ease of installation.
  • Non-corrosive low pressure piping – virtually maintenance free.
  • Low on energy consumption.
  • User friendly unit, does not require continuous monitoring.


  • Cartridge pre-filter.
  • Feed pump (Client’s scope).
  • SS or FRP pressure vessels.
  • Spiral wound membrane elements of polyamide type.
  • High pressure piping.
  • Low pressure switch for pump protection.
  • Sample valves for feed, product and concentrate.
  • Concentrate check valve.
  • Product check valve.
  • Full control panel instrumentation.
  • Product and concentrate flow meters.
  • Digital conductivity meter.
  • Power on light.